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Orgasol® powders are unique porous microspheres that give a creamy and velvety feel to formulations, with a very high remanence on the skin offering a nice touch and long lasting. In addition to these sensorial properties, each grade has been fine-tuned to bring unique functional benefits to various requirements of cosmetic applications like soft focus, sebum reduction and mat finish.

Orgasol® microspheres

Orgasol® name


(INCI name)

Average particle size SSA Oil absorption Bacteriology Mycology
µm m2/g g/100 g germs/g germs/g
2002 UD Nat COS

Polyamide 12

(nylon 12)

5 9.5 104 < 100 < 100
2002 EXD Nat COS 10 4 79

2002 EXD Nat COS

type S

12 1 56
2002 D NAT COS 20 1.5 54

4000 EXD Nat COS


Copolyamide 6/12

(nylon 6/12)

10 10 100 < 100 < 100
1002 D Nat COS

Polyamide 6

(nylon 6)

2.5 2.5 64 < 100 < 100

Orgasol® active microspheres

Orgasol® Pure

INCI name Nylon 12 (and) lactic acid
Appearance White spheroïdal powder
Applications Adjuvent for treatment products for oily skin with imperfections and with tendency to develop acne
Properties Sebum reducer targeting blemishes, while preserving skin equilibrium and leaving a clean, radiant skin
Dosage 2 to 5 wt %

Orgasol® Hydra++

INCI name Nylon 12 (and) sodim hyaluronate
Appearance White spheroïdal powder
Applications Color cosmetics, foundations, compact powders, lipstick
Properties Deep hydration, tonicity, and suppleness of skin
Dosage 2-10 wt %

Orgasol® Restore

INCI name Nylon 6/12 (and) olive glycerides (and) ceramide 3
Appearance White spheroïdal powder
Applications Color cosmetics, foundations, compact powders, sticks
Properties Restoring skin barrier to retain moisture and limit skin dryness
Dosage 2-10 wt %

Orgasol® White

INCI name Nylon 6/12 (and) butylene glycol (and) glycyrrhiza glabra root extract
Appearance White powder
Applications Skin care, body care, make-up, sun care, toileteries
Properties Long-term whitening effect, reduced gark spots, improved sensory profile, instant blurring effect, sebum absorption and binding for compact powders
Dosage 2-4 wt % in skin care, sun care, toiletries
3-10 wt % in make up

Plant-based Orgasol® microspheres

Orgasol® Green Touch

Chemical name Polyamide 11
INCI name Nylon 11
Japanese name Nylon powder
CAS number 25587-80-8

Carbon from plant-based

renewable resources (ASTM D6866)

Toxicological data Summary available upon raw material codification