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Product line

Orgasol® polyamide 12 are ultrafine polyamide powders produced by polymerising lauryl and caprolactam using a unique patented process.

The process produces a full range of powders with particles from 5 to 20 µm without grinding. Each grade of Orgasol® powders contains spherical particles, microporous, with a very narrow particle size distribution. Each grade is fine-tuned to reach high level of requirements of cosmetic producers.

The polyamide 12 Orgasol®

The polyamide 12 Orgasol® range has great affinity for the skin, offering long lasting powder make-up. In addition to that, the intrinsic lubricity of polyamide 12 combined with the spheroidal particles leaves behind a velvety feel. The polyamide 12 Orgasol® range offers a large product choices based on:

  • oil absorption
  • application feel
  • finish

Orgasol® Caresse

Orgasol® Caresse has the right balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties to allow easy dispersion in water-continuous formulations while maintaining the velvety feel of polyamide 12. Orgasol® Caresse is the perfect product for skin care.

Actives Orgasol® powders

Actives Orgasol® powders are a new range of ready-to-use solutions to enable formulators to transform basic coloured cosmetics into innovative skin-care products:

  • Orgasol® Hydra+ turns make up into beauty care treatment to bring moisturisation and preserve skin elasticity and smoothness.
  • Orgasol® Restore, the combination of care and beauty that helps mature skin fight dryness and discomfort.
  • Orgasol® Pure, is a new active powder for oily skin treatment. It acts as an efficient sebum reducer that targets skin blemishes.
  • Orgasol® White, has been designed to tackle existing and emerging pigmented areas, for consumers that continuously seek bright, flawless complexion and perfect skin radiance.

Orgasol® Green Touch

A high performance texture powder from plant-based renewable resources. This ultra fine powder fulfils the demanding technical requirements of a cosmetic raw material while up to 100 % based on vegetable resources.

Orgasol® Green Touch is a synthetic material that combines:

  • bio-sourcing
  • a high level of purity
  • quality and process control