Summer Breeze

Fresh Mineral is a velvet white SPF 15 emulsion that develops a fresh natural tone upon application. As organic UV filters tend to generate stickiness and produce just not the right kind of shine, Orgasol® Caresse has been selected for its matifying and oil absorbing properties. It also happens to deliver a delightfully pleasant glide and extra softness, thereby adding to the absolute delicacy of the texture.


There is no way a wide spectrum SPF 50 shield should spoil the pleasure of surfing in Hawaii! Five O+ is a wide spectrum sun protection emulsion glamorously lightened with gold and offering tender softness. 3% of Orgasol® Caresse easily dispersed in the formula make up for the unwanted oiliness that characterizes UV filters, to produce a pleasant, creamy feel and offer an Ô so much more pleasant application.


Glow and breathe! Sun Me Up has been designed as a super soft and transparent loose powder. It holds pleasantly and lightly onto the skin and resists wear but without causing dryness.

The association of Orgasol® Caresse with Orgasol® 2002 EXD NAT COS creates a functional synergy, with the first ingredient bringing softness and unctuosity whilst the second delivers homogeneity and hold.