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Sun care

Divinely sensorial. With Orgasol® powders you can add sensorial performance, quick-dry and skin barrier restoration properties, convenience, and active ingredient delivery.


Orgasol® powders are characterized by a combination of high porosity and optimal dispersion to facilitate the formulation of non-oily, non-sticky and non-shiny textures. Improving formula homogeneity, they boost sun filter and sunscreen dispersion and reduce white streaks. Finally, their ability to absorb active ingredients allows for the incorporation of anti-ageing substances into formulas.


  • Sun protection
  • After sun

Sun care

How do I formulate non-greasy and non-sticky high SPF sunscreen?

Orgasol® Caresse, developed by Arkema, has been specifically designed to address this challenge of combining comfort and efficiency for high SPF formulas. This polyamide copolymer micro-powder is produced using an exclusive process patented by Arkema. It's hydrophilic and lipophilic characteristics have been adjusted to ease dispersion in formulas while providing attractive sensorial benefits, like creaminess and softness.


In rich high SPF sun care formulas, especially in continuous aqueous phases, Orgasol® Caresse helps the product to be easily and quickly blended into the skin. It leave an absolutely soft and silky finish while providing the cosiness expected for daily skin care product.

Thanks to its outstanding oil/water affinity and its high surface porosity, even at low levels, Orgasol® Caresse provides absorption rapidity and a unique combination of sensorial properties:

  • an easy and quick application for improved comfort-in-use (spray, cream, etc.) 
  • no residual tackiness and greasiness (smooth and non sticky feel)
  • a velvety and natural finish, non glossy
  • a better spreading of the sun filter for reduced white marks