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Skin care

See and feel the instant difference.  Add to your formulations body & lightness, sebum control, soft focus, anti-ageing properties, and convenience.


Add cushion to gel-cream textures without compromising lightness.  Provide day creams with a soft-focus effect for perfect anti-wrinkle results upon application.  Improve the manageability of delicate active ingredients such as ceramides.  Textures designed with Orgasol® powders are not only about sensorial results; they become the benchmark for new skin care product performance.


  • Facial care
  • Hand care
  • Lip care
  • Eye care
  • Body care
  • BB, CC, etc. cream
  • Make-up primer

Skin care

For skin care and sun care formulations, Arkema offers three dedicated ranges of Orgasol®.

Orgasol® Caresse for O/W formulations

Orgasol® Caresse has been specifically designed to disperse easily in water-continuous formulations while keeping the velvety touch of polyamide 12.

Orgasol® Caresse improves comfort-in-use for light creams, like hydrogels or skin serums. It imparts aqueous formulations with a combination of richness and lightness. Orgasol® Caresse provides quick and easy absorption sensation and leaves behind a substantive after-feel with no addition of oily compounds. Thanks to the residual silky powder veil, light creams no longer vanish from the surface of the skin.


Orgasol® Caresse absorbs excess of sebum at the surface of the skin and this high efficiency, assessed by the sebum measurements, is directly linked to the porous surface and lipophilic nature. It provides long-term shine reduction but no skin dryness.

In rich creams and sun care formulations, Orgasol® Caresse neutralizes undesirable oiliness and stickiness, associated with ingredients of the oil phase or sun filters. It increases the absorption sensation of the emulsion and leaves an immediate natural and velvety finish, absolutely non greasy.

Especially well-designed for sun care formulas, Orgasol® Caresse helps to develop products with universal comfort-in-use. Thanks to Orgasol® Caresse, anti-ageing treatments and anti-wrinkle creams have greater comfortable textures. Orgasol® Caresse imparts skin care formulations with a rapid absorption sensation and leads to an immediate natural finish and healthy complexion. No more shininess but moisturising and nourishing properties are preserved for skin treatments.

Orgasol® Pure for oily skin

Orgasol® Pure is the ideal ingredient to improve oily skin condition by combining skin treatment and sensorial properties. Orgasol® Pure has been specifically designed to boost the efficiency of lactic acid in oily skin cleansers, while preserving the skin from irritation. It maximizes the penetration of lactic acid in the sebaceous cement: cleansers containing Orgasol® Pure return oily skin to normal levels.


Orgasol® Pure also brings sensorial properties: the round shape particles provide slipperiness and help to spread milks and lotions while enhancing richness. Orgasol® Pure gives the products a luxurious and silky texture.

Main applications:

Skin care and cleansers: Adjuvant for treatment products for oily skin with imperfections and with tendency to develop acne.

Orgasol® polyamide 12 for W/S, W/O, anhydrous formulations

The polyamide 12 Orgasol® range is recommended for W/S, W/O, or concealer formulations. The lipophilic character of polyamide 12 promotes an optimum dispersion of Orgasol® particles in these formulations.

Orgasol® will help formulators to solve the sensorial issues associated with oil-continuous formulas. It speeds up the absorption of greasy formulas containing high levels of glycerin and butylene glycol, and replaces the typical oily feeling and glossy appearance with a soft, natural powdery finish. The microporosity of Orgasol® particles absorbs sebum at the skin surface and preserves a healthy-looking complexion all day. Even on oily skin, Orgasol® prevents the formation of glossy areas.

Orgasol® also imparts greater comfort to waterproof, high SPF sunscreen formulations. It eliminates shine and the sticky sensation typically associated with high levels of sun filters. The ultra-fine spherical particles improve the dispersion of sun filters at the microscopic level, reducing the whitish residual finish and increasing the effective SPF.

Orgasol® 2002 UD NAT COS adds soft focus effect. Its fine particle size (around 5 ìm) allows it to penetrate wrinkles and diffuse the light, reducing the appearance of the wrinkles.

Each polyamide 12 Orgasol® grade offers a different combination of these functionalities. It is easy to select the right product targeting the required benefits by following the guidelines in the chart.