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Orgasol® Powder for lipstick and nail care

Active inside out

 Velvet touch, compaction aid, long lasting, volumizing, active ingredient delivery.


Orgasol® powders have undisputed appeal thanks to their diverse applications: mattifying and evening action, compaction aid, velvet touch effect, and long-lasting hold. They can be used in mascara for boosting volume and rapid drying results. They improve color homogeneity in nail polish products while enhancing their mechanical properties and providing a soft feel… As carriers of active ingredients, they transform cast emulsions, lipsticks, mascaras and nail lacquers into beauty care formulas.


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  • Anti-wrinkle effect
  • Sensory performance
  • Sebum control
  • Optical perfection
  • Maximizing the delivery of vit E
  • Maximizing the delivery of HA
  • Enhancing the cutaneous barrier
  • Skin lightening effect


Orgasol® White