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Decorative cosmetics

Polyamide 12 Orgasol® powders are perfectly adapted for make-up. Their main advantage is a great affinity for the skin, providing very good remanence of the powders, and a velvety feeling.

Orgasol® powders play three major roles in colour cosmetic products:


  • As sensorial agent, Orgasol® leaves a soft and powdery finish on the skin. It improves spreading, and provides easy, glide-on application. It is ideal for compact powders (face powder, eye shadow, blush) and foundations. Diffusing the light at the skin surface, Orgasol® provides an immediate uniform complexion.
  • As microporous particle, Orgasol® absorbs any excess binders in the formulations and reduces exudation in hot-poured foundations, concealers and lipsticks. It continuously reduces sebum at the surface of the skin, preserving a natural and even finish all day. It is particularly suited to liquid and compact foundations.
  • As compaction processing aid, Orgasol® acts as a binding agent, increasing the strength of compact powders and reducing the need for oils and waxes. It allows formulation of strong compact powders without exudation or “soaping effect”, but with a very easy draw.


Orgasol® Green Touch is an ultra-fine 100 % plant based nylon powder designed for decorative cosmetics.

Orgasol® powders are also used in mascaras, as volumizing agents for eyelashes, and nail polishes, to improve chip resistance.


Each polyamide 12 Orgasol®grade offers a different combination of functionalities. Using the chart below targeting the required benefits, selection becomes easy.